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About this idea
We help colleges and universities optimize operational decision making by providing efficient and safe parking solutions through our PRK software. Our software alleviates the stress and anxiety associated with parking on campus by providing real-time updates on available parking spots and traffic patterns. Additionally, we provide valuable data to administration to help them make informed decisions about parking capacity and utilization.
PRK Parking harmonizes the student and university experience by pacifying the always stressful parking experience. Students, faculty, and staff can use the software to more effectively, efficiently, and safely find parking spots on campus, while the college can use it to best optimize their current parking operations, while also guiding their decision making on structural investments for the future.
What I'll do with $5,000
We have gathered a list of over 900 schools and universities that we see as potential clients for our company. We would graciously use the $5000 to build out a highly effectively cold emailing sales funnel to convert our email list into PRK Parking clients!
About Tommy Halkyard

I am a student entrepreneur. I am a lover a business building and relationship building. I am fascinated by the intersection of technology, optimization, and human potential.

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