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About this idea
The highlight of my product is that it is made of 4 simple ingredients all researched for inflammation fighting properties and amino acid content. Aminos are the building blocks of the body and especially the digestive system. This is what I focused on when I discovered amino acids vital role in many bodily processes. In curing my food sensitivities I also cured most if not all of my seasonal and pet dander allergies as well. Again all having to do with the proper amount of, you guessed it : Amino acids.
I want to share my protein blend with the world because I don't think anyone needs to suffer with food sensitivities or all of the negative things that come with it like frustration, pain, ostracization because you can't eat the way others do. Not to mention the high cost of non-dairy, non gluten goods especially. We were fortunate enough to be able to afford those things when the need arose, but we recognize not everyone can. So my blend, which worked on me, is something that will be affordable and come in at a price point that is more reasonable than other similar products and I will always offer 30 full servings. Which believe or not isn't standard in the industry from my own research. My whole intent is to help as many people as I possibly can. I truly believe my protein blend could not only change the landscape of West Michigan, but the world as well. Thank you so much for considering my idea
What I'll do with $5,000
The $5000 would go toward getting my lifestyle, wellness, health & fitness brand launched including: food licensure, domain name purchase, packaging, ingredients, branding and merchandising, a vehicle as we are a one car family right now. It would also go towards business supplies and materials to create my branding and merchandising ideas, labeling, marketing and promotion. The biggest part of this is the food class and licensure as well as the ingredients and packaging. All of these are needed to even get started. Which I will do on my own if for some reason I'm not considered. It will just take me a little longer.
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