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About this idea
Engaging in creative writing--especially in memoir--allows participants the opportunity to reflect on their life experiences, more deeply understand their past, to share their stories with others and to feel that what they have to say is valuable and important. In short, writing can be an empowering, cathartic, and transformative experience.
It provides an opportunity for intergenerational exchange and collaboration through interviewing and writing workshops, learning how to document stories, and focus on entrepreneurs . This project has the proven ability to bridge gaps in cultural fluency as defined by the ability to understand the basic norms and perspectives of people from other cultures, recognize the context and cues in how they communicate, and adapt and respond in ways that help achieve shared meaning, no matter the age, socio economic, or cultural background. It is empowering for all who engage with it at its various points, building deeper community relationships
What I'll do with $5,000
I would utilize the $5000 for marketing material. Access to more communities for publishing workshops. There is nothing more important and vital than relationship. Discovering ways to build and strengthen community never goes out of style and is needed now more than ever; it’s a way of living together healthily and well. Writer's Block Publishing succeeds at this. I, and others who have shared with me, have received unsolicited stories of inspired hope, humor and a love of the place where they can place these stories of hope on bookshelves.
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