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About this idea
You see, there are three elements to valuing any coin, the year it was minted, the location it was minted, and the condition of the coin (The Sheldon Grade); as you know the first two elements are relatively easy, as coins have the year and the mint mark on them, which you can readily see; therefore it’s the condition that becomes the variable. The problem is that few professional coin graders can be trusted; the good ones are costly and hard to engage within a reasonable time frame. To give you an idea, they want you to send the coin at your expense to them and wait 4 to 6 weeks before they will give you an idea of the condition at an expense usually between $40 and $200.
There is an old proverb out there that states “necessity is the mother of invention,” which in this case, means that somebody needs to develop and offer the world an easy-to-use, low cost, fast, repeatable service to determine the condition of any circulated coin you can access in your own backyard. We call the service QCG, Quantitative Coin Grading, The world’s only technology-based 3rd Party Professional Coin Grading service.
What I'll do with $5,000
In our case the $5000 would be put toward our free trial service for any Lincoln Wheat Penny, the free trial will allow any person to send in their Lincoln Wheat Penny via our inclusive mail pouch, track our inspection process of the penny and return the penny to the individual with their certified inspected Sheldon Grade for that coin, all for $5.00. Knowing that on any given day there are over 120,000 Lincoln Wheat Pennies for sale at an average price of $22.71 each.
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