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About this idea
Choice Janitorial LLC upholds a honest, detailed cleaning service. You would be surprised how many people who been trying cleaning services that’s been established longer than us, me, have felt the cleaners did the bare minimum when they left. This is where my business gets competitive and gain those clients plus more from delivering service that’s worth the price charged. There are people who have working schedules that’s so busy they cannot clean their place like they want to. You have people that no longer have the physical strength to clean due to health conditions, or other reasons. A real trustworthy cleaning service is needed, and that is Choice Janitorial LLC. People do not need to look any further, I do my best to deliver the services requested of me. In time, when I gain the ability to hire a small crew I expect them to deliver the same quality in the cleanings as me along with having trust from the clients.
People in local areas benefit from my services. Over time, I heard many times how my clients tried other cleaning services and there was either trust issues or the cleaners only did enough to get paid. I strive to go above and beyond, making it easier for my clients to keep up with the cleaning after service is complete. Building a real trustworthy and reliable reputation for my business will only attract more clients, and from current clients, word of mouth, gain more exposure and clients through them as well. Recurring services increases the profit of the business and the quality of my work keeps people returning. There’s just so much growth and potential for a small cleaning team to represent my business and increase my competitiveness.
What I'll do with $5,000
A van advertising the logo, and contact information can go along way increasing clientele, also making it easier to transport equipment and supplies for jobs. I would use the grant to purchase a van for my business. This grant aiding with a van will also help attract potential investors by getting the name around more. Part of growing my business to provide more services, advertising plays a big part in that. Having more than business cards and flyers attracts more clients, and a van will aid with that as well.
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