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About this idea
“Can you create something to retract my oxygen tubing,” asked Austin’s grandfather as he entered hospice? His grandfather, like many disabled adults, struggled with his 50-foot oxygen tubing lying across the floor. Considering his inability to move around well, it created a walking hazard. After a few months researching, designing, printing, and constructing, Austin was able to create an oxygen reel for his grandfather. “The passion is deeper than just helping my grandfather,” said Austin Pollock. Austin’s grandfather taught him how to woodwork when he was in elementary school. Every summer growing up Austin would go to engineering weekends at his alma mater, Michigan State University. He is the reason Austin earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering at MSU. Austin’s grandfather sparked his interest in designing and inventing, but most importantly he taught Austin how to positively impact others. The passion goes beyond the medical device. Reel Free will positively impact people who are dealing with oxygen concentrator issues by taking one problem off their plate. Reel Free is a class 1 medical device that retracts 50-feet of oxygen tubing with a simple to use remote control. Reel Free is like an automated reel-in garden hose, that reels in oxygen tubing, increasing user mobility and mitigates fall risk. Reel Free manages oxygen tubing, thus reducing excess oxygen tubing on the floor. The device increases the user’s mobility at home by containing the oxygen tubing and unreeling as the patient moves around. Due to many individuals limited mobility inside their home or assisted living facility, the mechanism features a remote controller to retract the tubing with a motor. It uses a patented system to prevent the oxygen tubing from tangling or compressing. It incorporates a sensor as a safety feature and the speed of retraction is adjustable with a controller. The product is placed near the oxygen concentrator and connects with a 360-degree swivel adapter.
The target audience is seniors who deal with oxygen deficiencies such as COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, Covid, Pneumonia, severe Asthma attacks, Cystic Fibrosis, and Sleep Apnea. Many nurses and family members must help the users deal with their excess oxygen tubing on the floor. After sharing a LinkedIn post of the product, Reel Free, it acquired 284,000+ impressions in one week. 1.5 million United States citizens use supplemental oxygen and it’s going to continue to grow. Market validation by Reel Free shows that 91% of supplemental oxygen consumers would be willing to purchase a device that manages their oxygen tubing. The obtainable market is $125,000,000.
What I'll do with $5,000
The $5000 will be used for regulatory consulting through MDRS LLC for phase two of FDA registration. Phase two will include IEC60601. Reel Free must be registered in the FDA within 30 days of the first sale. Reel Free is currently in launch and seeking investment to manufacture Reel Free. Reel Free is seeking $360,000 to finance the first year. As a college student, the founder has raised $9,550 and personally invested $3,100 into the business. The funds will go towards production of plastic injection molds, production & assembly, regulatory pathway, and marketing.
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