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April 22, 2024 11:59 pm

About this idea
Pictures this, Religiously Fly, 14 cursive letters in big bright lights. I know what you’re thinking, "sounds expensive" and that’s why this idea has to be great. Religiously Fly is a clothing brand and the goal is to create pieces that people are obsessed with. Religiously Fly will be a place for people to come together while defining themselves. No matter the age, occupation, or sense of style I want everyone to be able to find something that inspires them, makes them smile, or makes them laugh. I just want to create something that moves the people. There’s a saying "your new shoes never feel as good as your old ones". For some people nothing in life is as exciting as it used to be. I hope to bring a little bit of excitement back into peoples lives.
Religiously Fly has benefited me the most and it’s my responsibility to give that back to the people. In my day-to-day life I’m constantly stopped by people who are interested in what I’m wearing. It’s humbling to see the surprised look on their face when I tell them that I made it. The greatest benefit and the greatest impact is inspiration. My favorite question to ask someone is "If they could wake up every day and do what they love, what would it be?". It helps people realize that what they would love to do is not out of their reach. In turn they ask me the same question and I begin to talk about Religiously Fly. Inspiring people to be free not only in the physical but also in the mental. I want the website presentation to be as clean as Louis Vuitton's. I want the store to be as creative as Urban Outfitters but fun like a mini mall. I want a community center in the store where creatives can advertise and get connected. I want Religiously Fly to be more than clothing apparel because Religiously Fly is a place for people to come together and define themselves.
What I'll do with $5,000
This restock will help boost my business into new heights practically over night. ($3,000 - restock inventory) Really good camera to capture the details of each design. ($400 - camera) ($500 - laptop) Increases productivity 3x ($300 - cutting machine) ($500 Meta Ads) ($100 - Label printer) ($500 on samples for new designs.) To inspire would be amazing but to physical give back would be even better. This $5,000 will be a seed planted that I will grow and use to give back to people in my community.
About JaQuell Brew

Hello, my name is JaQuell Brew. I’m a designer and all around creative. I was born in Grand Rapids, MI and a big goal of my mines is to inspire people right here in this city. I hope to inspire everyone to create a life that is worth living. Also to show the people of Grand Rapids, MI that this is a place full of opportunity and support.

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