October 5×5
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October 19, 2021 12:00 am

About this idea
Reminder has spent countless hours of creating our patent and trademarked eye catching dispensers that will make a person want to stop and see what it is. Reminder creates multiple dispensers that can be used through out the community and for personal use. We have smaller dispenser that can be attached to anything with a loop. We also have wipe and pump dispenser that can be mounted or placed on a pole. Reminder even has a sleek pump and go dispenser for out door events or businesses. All you have to do is scan our QR code and it will link you to our website.
Everyone will benefit from Reminders products especially our children. Children are easily influenced and adults are the ones who help create habits for children. So if our children see us taking a stance on clean hands and focusing on reducing germs by using one of Reminders products it will help make for a cleaner safer environment for everyone. The way that it can change lives is by providing the constant reminder of keep your hands and surrounding areas clean. The real potential of reminder products is it will allow people to see how easy it is to maintain a clean environment starting with themselves.
What I'll do with $5,000
With the $5,000 i will continue to build Reminders mobile app and make updates to the website and commercial.
About Rodney Lyons

Grand Rapids Native father of three looking to make the world a clean safe place for them to live.

Other Entries

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