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About this idea
I have been a photographer since 2018 and have used photography to help others capture memories so they could look back one day and remember those moments. With this new idea, I am adapting new VR technology to bring videography into play. With VR cameras, I am able to record interactions with an individual to create a memory for family members to relive in a virtual reality environment. Allowing that person to visit these memories in 5 or 10 years when the individual is no longer here. This will be different than photo or video because it allows the individual to be place in the same setting as that day, we made the recording and access all the sensory to make it feel like you were actually there.
In general, this service can be use by anyone but most importantly, I want this service to benefit parents with children with terminal illness the most. I started a nonprofit in 2018 helping kids with terminal illness and was able to take photos of these children for their parents. I wish I was able to have this technology back then to gift them a virtual realty experience so they could see their children and have an interaction when they feel most down.
What I'll do with $5,000
We currently have 1 VR camera right now and will be taking on client starting in March. Our major struggle will be figuring out how to make it accessible to everyone faster. With the $5000 grant, we will use it to purchase another camera to double up the workload. A VR camera is $3000, the remaining money will go to voice equipment, tripod and a website to act as a vault for these high data files. Any remaining money will help pay toward labor cost when we do free service for family with children with terminal illness. No family should pay money when they have a child in long term care.
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