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About this idea
Our protein bar is shelf stable without any fillers/binders/sugar substitutes. It is high in fat, calories and protein while being less than 1/2 the sugar (by weight) of an average commercial bar. We have 6 whole foods ingredients making it one of the healthiest bars out there at the same price point as the average retail bar while being one the heaviest (at 2.4oz compared to an average of 1.6-1.7oz bars). Our goal is to restore our health, our community and our planet using this bar as a platform for positive change. We have spent the last 6 months building the brand, product testing, and quality control. We have finalized our product and already have commitments from larger retail partners, now we need to deliver a streamlined product.
We are using this bar as a platform to educate on health/nutrition, fund community grassroots initiatives, and directly donate bars to programs we work with, like our humanitarian aid work along the war front in Ukraine. Our 3 pillars are; restore your health, community and planet.
What I'll do with $5,000
We will use this to invest in our co-packing partnership to get our profit margins to the price point needed to add in distribution channels for our retail partners.
About Thad Cummings

I spent 7 years running companies before getting sick and losing it all. I have since graduate with a new degree in nursing and spent 3 years working in the ER/ICU during covid and now the last 14mos delivering humanitarian aid to to hospitals and villages in Ukraine. My hope is to combine my background in medicine and business with health and nutrition to make an impact in all of the communities in which I serve.

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