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About this idea
Gel wax is a mixture of mineral oil and resin oil, and if worked correctly can create beautiful one of a kind works of art. This is how I feel about my gel candles, I am very passionate about making each one of them as creating beautiful masterpieces is a great joy to me. I handcraft each candle making each one of a kind, the high quality aspect is the fact I can produce crystal clear gel wax candles. The high quality is in adding fragrance and decorations (flowers that are fresh dried and pressed, real seashells, starfish, sand, and rocks) along with amazing aromatherapy scents that dont over power with a strong smell instead a light scent to accent the room or whatever space the candle is in. I plan to produce seasonal gel candles with themed decorations and scents to match that theme. My candles do not have that annoying wax drip, unlike traditional candle wax gel wax burns at a hotter temperature making it burn slower and last longer,all gel merges back to it self once cooled so theres no spill and also no waxy burning smell once the candle is out instead theres a the smell of whatever fragrance of that candle. Gel candle if made clear and once light up are transparent and glow, making a mesmerizing night light in a candle. As of now I have made over a 180 gel candles in different sizes and styles and fragrance, some of which include shot glass floral candles and aqua candles in shot glass form, ocean themed with seashells and starfish and sand and rocks.
Gel wax candles on the market are mostly novelty candles in where there really not a functional candle, some of the items in the candles to make them look pretty also make them un-burnable and a safety risk. I make high quality handcrafted gel wax candles that are functional in that they burn safely, they are very clear and translucent allowing the customer to enjoy the images in the candle, and also my gel candles are highly fragrant, my candles can be matchless meaning without even being light my candles will still emit a long lasting never over powering fragrance throughout the space the gel candle is in. I plan to make a major impact with my gel wax candles, selling in malls and online travel shows and craft shows and events. the impact will be a new trend of functional stylist addictive to have and smell Revlis Visions LLC gel wax candles
What I'll do with $5,000
With 5,000 invested into my company I could obtain better equipment and professional resources to stay on track to transcend and continuously grow. I could launch a better promotional campaign for my small business to become more successful. by getting flyers, decals, business cards, and a more professional online store. I could reintroduce my small business in a professional way with better resources to succeed. Also trademark and branding is something that would ensure solid success moving forward as I plan to make my gel wax candles a household name. I don't lack passion I don't lack confidence, just the right tools that seem out of reach that could be obtain with the investment of support. thank you.
About silver hughes

I started my small business Revlis Visions LLC in February of 2023, I then began educating myself on all the aspects of gel wax candles. I now produce high quality gel wax candles, high quality in the transparency of each candle. When using gel wax many variables make getting a clear candle very hard; adding natural materials and adding fragrance are the two most difficult in which I do in each Revlis Visions candle making each one a one of a kind work of art that can be adored in any decor while also providing soothing stress reliving aromatic senses. I have strong visions and passion for my product now and I can envision my small business being a successful mainstream company, as gel wax candle popularity has grown there is a unique market that I feel I can put on the map.

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