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About this idea
Howl at the Moon Sauna Co.’s mission is to nurture physical, mental, and social wellbeing. We deliver immersive sauna experiences to your doorstep that enable our guests to embrace their wild spirit, connect with the elements of nature and forge deep connections with one another. We are re-wilding wellness—rethinking what it means to be well. We believe that wellness is more than an exercise routine and eating well (although vitally important too). Wellness should address the whole self, it should be flexible, not confined to one place or rigid routines. That’s why our business model revolves around three primary offerings: Private Overnight Rentals, Business & Event Rentals and Community Pop-up Sessions. Our target audience comprises a diverse spectrum, from busy professionals to wellness enthusiasts and individuals seeking alternative forms of social engagement. With our private overnight rentals, guests can orchestrate unforgettable gatherings within our mobile sauna. Businesses and event organizers can collaborate with us to infuse distinctive sauna experiences into yoga studios, breathwork sessions, farms, festivals, and retreats. The versatility of our pop-up sessions can materialize anywhere, be it city centers, parks, or serene beachfronts. The opportunities are infinite. Howl at the Moon Sauna Co. isn't just about embracing the warmth and emerging with a renewed outlook on life. It's about embracing the sauna's allure itself—the unique aesthetic, the cedar and black cladding conveys rustic charm. The sensation of sweat, intertwined with the elements of fire, air, earth (rocks), and water, invokes a primal, re-wilded state of mind. The panoramic views from within the sauna prompt contemplation of the external world, while the view into the sauna beckons a desire to partake in its marvel. Our locally crafted sauna trailer, fueled by a wood burner and solar power, embodies our commitment to environmental consciousness. Vibrant exterior lights enhance starlight sauna sessions with an enchanting ambiance, and the disco ball is a cherry on top. Delivered right to our guests’ doorstep, this complete experience of wonder, natural immersion, and space for forging deep connections with others, becomes their private wellness sanctuary – a true embodiment of wellness at its core.
While rooted in an age-old Finnish tradition, the concept of mobile sauna experiences remains largely unexplored in West Michigan—a niche perfectly aligned with contemporary societal needs. Amidst a digitally connected yet emotionally distant era, our vintage horse trailer converted into an authentic Finnish sauna serves as an oasis, offering respite from the world's chaos. Our concept targets diverse groups seeking holistic wellness and genuine social interaction. Busy professionals craving relaxation, wellness enthusiasts seeking alternative experiences, and those exploring meaningful connections in unconventional settings are our primary beneficiaries. For busy professionals, our mobile sauna delivers a haven—reducing stress, fostering mental clarity, and offering a unique way to unwind without leaving home. Wellness enthusiasts find a novel approach to holistic health, diving into nature-connected experiences that reinvigorate mind and body. Individuals yearning for genuine connections discover a platform to forge meaningful relationships in a relaxed, communal environment. The real potential lies in revolutionizing how people approach wellness and social interaction. By offering authentic, nature-infused experiences directly to their doorstep, we're reshaping self-care and community engagement. This not only addresses the need for holistic well-being but also taps into a growing trend of seeking unconventional yet impactful wellness practices. Our model opens doors for expanding this immersive wellness approach, potentially transforming wellness tourism and recreational activities by integrating nature-centric experiences into everyday lives, potentially contributing substantially to the wellness industry while fostering a deeper connection between individuals and the environment. From a financial perspective, our model presents a multi-faceted potential impact. Initially, it offers revenue streams through diverse offerings—private rentals, business collaborations, and community pop-ups. These avenues cater to different market segments, ensuring steady income generation. As pioneers in the year-round mobile sauna rental service across multiple counties, we're positioned to capture an underserved niche. With potential scalability, our model could become a cornerstone of wellness tourism, contributing not only to local economies but also influencing how society perceives and pursues holistic well-being. Moreover, as the concept gains traction, there's the prospect of expanding our services to new regions, further boosting revenue streams. Ultimately, while financial success is a core goal, our focus on delivering genuine wellness experiences drives us, aiming not only for profitability but also for a meaningful impact on individuals' lives and community well-being.
What I'll do with $5,000
The prize money would be instrumental in both enriching the guest experience and turbocharging our marketing campaign. Half of the money is slated for purchasing equipment for an enhanced guest experience: an additional cold plunge, mobile cold shower, fire-pit, lounge chairs, and lighting setups. Picture a full-service wellness garden delivered to you! The other half of the prize winning would go toward funding a marketing plan to expand awareness of the business across the community.
About Alisa Cardenas

Howl at the Moon Sauna Co. is owned and operated by Alisa Cardenas. A Michigan native, Alisa pursued her education at GVSU, majoring in Hospitality and Tourism Management, and later continued her studies in Human Resources Development at WMU for graduate studies. Her 15-year tenure in Human Resources underwent a significant shift in 2021 when Alisa bid farewell to corporate life, embarking on a quest to redefine her life's trajectory. This decision granted her a newfound equilibrium and purpose, affording her invaluable moments with loved ones and space to nurture her passions. Balancing time between family, community, and a new consulting practice, Alisa is now poised to manifest her vision with Howl at the Moon Sauna Co., aiming to propagate her enthusiasm for sauna wellness throughout the Greater Grand Rapids and lakeshore area.

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