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January 23, 2023 11:59 pm

About this idea
We want to provide high quality rifles at affordable prices. We are the perfect company to do this as our owner has taught over 700+ firearm students, and has 14+ years of manufacturing leadership experience. With a solid understanding of what rifle owners are looking for in a quality rifle, we believe we can provide a quality product to the market and are currently beginning production to test our theory. Our mission is simple. We want to deliver a consistent supply of quality products.
Our target is entry level rifle owners. We encounter a lot of them who know they want a quality rifle, but don't even know what that means. We already produce video content to educate, but we want to have more events around educating people. The real impact is in the value we provide the customer. By manufacturing rifles ourselves, we save on costs, and can afford to provide the customer with higher quality components that make functionality and reliability higher than buying the standard entry level rifle off the shelf of your local sporting goods store.
What I'll do with $5,000
We currently mill out the components by hand. With this money, we plan to invest in a table top CNC machine that can take our production to a much higher level. This would specifically be for production of our lower receivers, which a rifle is built around. You could say it's the heart of the rifle. It currently takes us 2 hours to produce one lower receiver by hand. With a tabletop CNC, we could produce a lower receiver in 15 minutes. It also would machine the parts with more precision than what we currently do by hand. We could outsource this process, but that builds cost back into the rifle and we would have to pass that cost back along to the customer. This tabletop CNC machine would allow us to take what we currently do, and ramp it up to a sustainable process once volumes increase the way we project.
About Daryle Rostic

I'm a entrepreneur with a heart for educating people. I am a firearm instructor, trainer counselor, and I own a firearms manufacturing company.

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Adolfo Carrillo-Ramirez
Lucky Guy Mobile Auto Detailing The Car Wash That Comes To You!
The opportunity arises when people do not have enough time to carry out the detailed cleaning of their vehicles, so Lucky Guy Auto Detailing offers the service of washing vehicles at home, that is, we go to the workplace or to your home. So, the customers can continue carrying out their day-to-day activities or share with their family, giving them a better quality of life without taking away the time that they can use to spent with their families. It is important to mention that with this business we will create employment opportunities for many people in the community, including immigrants who, like me, are starting a dream in this country, thus creating a strong social impact on our community. If we compare with traditional car washes, the mobile car wash service is eco friendly since the cost of water per vehicle is less than a traditional car wash, and it is for this reason that we contribute our grain of sand for the conservation of the environment