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About this idea
RRP Marketing is a results over everything type of agency. We’re in a world where all things shiny and buzzwords abound. A world where artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and “big data” have infiltrated creativity. A world where we're playing copycat, selling smoke and mirrors, and ultimately templatizing business. But that is not how you win. You win by having the audacity to shake things up. Leveraging a human-centered, data-driven, insights led approach, we partner with brands to deliver customer-obsessed marketing that the intended audience can't help but to pay attention to. By being strategic trendsetters, bonafide storytellers, and content designers, we bring the sexy to marketing which ultimately helps drive awareness, interest, engagement, and conversion for the brand that we partner with. And we do this by leveraging top and emerging talent who are trying a different way. Leading with authenticity, boldness, compassion, and humor allows us to see and serve each other and our clients as people. This creates an environment where we can be whole and as healthy as possible while bringing our full, authentic selves to work. We are reimagining and redefining work culture. RRP Marketing delivers an enjoyable experience where the team actually like each other, embraces true collaborative experiences, and escape the toxicity of an antiquated, inequitable corporate system.
In 2021, only 5% of ad agencies had a Black CEO or owner. The industry experienced a 4.75% decrease in just one year leaving on .75% - less than 1% - of ad agencies with a Black CEO or owner. Additionally, the number of Black marketing professionals has seen a decrease since 2010 while other marginalized audiences have seen increases. Talent is not an issue.Data shows that Black women is the most educated demographic in the United States. Awareness, access, and corporate politics are barriers to sustainable careers for Black people and other extremely talented folk who don't fit the mold. This is the RRP Marketing difference. 1) We intentionally seek and leverage top talent with experience from leading brands who have a reputation of delivering best-in-class work but are over the "scam" that corporate America has become. 2) We are an incubator for young and emerging talent. We partner young and emerging talent with more senior professionals to develop their skills and business acumen in a safe space with with real-world experience. 3) Representation is key for developing a pipeline of future marketers. We are committed to instilling marketing curiosity to young people within marginalized communities.
What I'll do with $5,000
RRP Makreting is growing up. This means that we have to operate differently. 1) Customer acquisition. Networking and visibility are two must-haves in our client acquisition strategy. Access and participation in the professional organization and conferences often include membership, attendance, and travel fees. 2) Minority and Woman-owned certifications. Certifications are a "stamp of approval" and key to garnering interest and closing deals for organizations that are looking to work with minority or woman-owned organization. 3) Team collaboration. Being a 100% remote team, it is important that we embrace modern project management and communication tools that help us collaborate effectively and efficiently while delivering excellent service to our clients.
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