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About this idea
Sand Baggage is a two companion zipper bag set. The larger of the two (SB1) is stored inside the smaller bag (SB2) for convenience until unpacked and activated to function as an anchor or sand bag weight when filled and packed with readily available sand on the beach or any sandy environment. A person's hands or similar scooping tool are used to fill SB1 to capacity creating a zipper bag of sand at an avg weight of 50lbs full to maximum mass volume. SB2 is then repurposed and used to enclose any small valuables and personal belongings including, but not limited to; cellular phones, vehicle keys, dwelling keys, legal tender, wallets, passports, credit cards, personal care items, jewelry and accessories. Once SB2 sufficiently contains all said valuables and is zippered closed, SB2 is then placed inside the sand filled SB1 safely. SB1 is then zippered closed, connecting the two zipper pulls together at SB1’s zipper end point tight to SB1 "accessory loop." After that the included combination lock cable is threaded through both SB1 zipper pull eyeholes and looped through the SB1 "accessory loop" before inserting the lock cable male end back into the combination lock female insert securing SB2 inside SB1 functioning as a heavily weighted theft deterrent and anchor to additional valuables using the SB1 "accessory loop" including but not limited to; leashed pets, standup paddle boards, kayaks, watersport equipment, garments, bicycles, floatation devices, personal watercraft and small children. At the end of use SB1 unlocks allowing SB2 to be removed and its contents emptied. SB1 is then emptied of all sand, returning all weighted matter back to its original environment. The empty SB1 is then folded in half along the zipper and then folded up the length roughly 6" at a time before storing it back into SB2 and zipping SB2 closed and threading the combination lock through SB2 pull tab.
Sand Baggage offers a super simple and portable way to safely secure your valuables on the beach allowing the users to enjoy the water and beach with piece of mind knowing their belongings are being Secured by Sand. This product is for anyone looking to attend the beach with their valuables and prevent the theft or temptation of other beach goers. I see the real potential beyond just small valuables zipped and locked inside the large Sand bag, but as a way to secure other valuables such as pets, personal watercraft, items blown away in the wind or even small boats. Additionally, the environment also benefits because our Sand Baggage SB1 bags are made with upcycled salvaged pop-up tent material, repurposing hundreds of yards of fabric that would otherwise be discarded as waste.
What I'll do with $5,000
I will be using the grant for finishing the Provisional Patent application, purchasing two 220v to 110v transformers for my two specific sewing machines, order branded poly shipping bags for eCommerce sales and order bulk trimmings such as zippers, webbing and seam binding to manufacture wholesale orders.
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