5×5 Night at Start Garden!
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June 17, 2024 11:59 pm

About this idea
We believe that a strong community equals strong businesses. At 24th Cheesecakerie not only do we pride ourselves on providing delicious cheesecake to the community, we also pride ourselves on how we can invest in our community. Free business classes. Yes! Free business classes and workshops for those that have the passion and no money. We want to take our success to help others start, understand, and grow their business so that they can share their knowledge with the world. Our core value is to share our knowledge. Why not do it with a slice of cheesecake!
In the beginning the local community will be impacted. The people that thought they would never have an opportunity to turn their idea or passion into reality. The world is full of knowledge. Knowledge is where everything begins. Cheesecake is just a sweet way to help the communities we plan on settling in learn how to grow there passion for Free.
What I'll do with $5,000
We will be using the money to start up our first real SHARE OUR KNOWLEDGE work shop in Ann Arbor, MI. We will provide knowledge to levels of business. From people with an idea, to those ready to building a business plan, and those who just need more knowledge in growth. We believe because of our status in the community we are expecting 50-100 people. We will change our community by sharing our knowledge. Giving others the opportunity to creat a platform for them to pass along the guidance and understanding someone may need from them. There are some really awesome ideas out in the world a we want to provide the ability help others take it to the next level. These workshops will provide that opportunity. And our Share our knowledge opportunity will help people all over the world.
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