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About this idea
Sinatu sauce has various flavors, from Classic sauce to Spicy sauce, Pumpkin and Bitter leave flavor sauce. Sinatu Tomato Sauce is perfect for cooking all kinds of rice dishes, including Jollof rice, Lentil beans and all kind of beans, Pasta, Fish and even be used as a spread on flatbread and Pizza or any home made food you might crave. Sinatu Sauce is a perfect blend of clean, flavorful, healthy and do it all sauce. We source our ingredients from local farmers. Sinatu Sauce is made to fit everyone's budget and everyone's healthy choice.
Sinatu Sauce is a sister company of TATSE restaurant, an African restaurant  with vision to create a food haven that embraces, appreciates, infuses and celebrates differences, cultures and flavors. Sinatu tomato sauce does not just taste good but will turn a mediocre meal into a stunning flavorful meal. TATSE restaurant owner, Taiwo Adeleye, I started off with Catering, to renting Space and Kitchen at Allen Neighborhood Center, to owning my Brick and Mortar in Downtown Lansing. All this time and progress, my goal remains the same, which is to share my cultural value and healthy attitude with Lansing and Michigan as a whole. In line of my goal, I believe providing this Sauce to households in Michigan and beyond,  will provide quick, healthy and flavorful means to lives while introducing and sharing African culture.
What I'll do with $5,000
I will use the $5,000 to pay Co-Packing fee to a company ( Co-Packing company "Sansonetti Sauces Holly, MI") to help with producing and packing the Sauce at this time, while I am getting ready to write examination for Professional Acidified Supervisor Certificate ( Acidified Foods Process Authority, North Carolina State University). I will also use some of the money for inventory ( Jars, Tomato and Seasonings, ). I will use it to invest in marketing the Sauce, using Social Media and Website. I will use some of the money for transporting the finished goods to supply chains in Lansing and other possible cities.
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