July 5×5 Night
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July 22, 2024 11:59 am

About this idea
Artists and venues will be able to list tickets on our platform for free, and have full control over smart contract abilities. This means organizers will be able to: - Set ticket buyer and resell prices. - View the percentage of sales after resales, and set transactions obeying artists’ interests. - View ticket history - See secondary market revenue - View and edit commission distribution - Send and receive notifications - Set fan loyalty programs - Blacklist and whitelist resellers of their choosing. For the fans who are looking to purchase a ticket, our platform will be extremely easy to use. The integration of a fiat on-ramp will provide seem-less transactions. No hassle of connecting a wallet or swapping cryptocurrencies, and people will be able to pay with debit or credit card. Through our web-app consumers will have: - Blockchain ticket security - Scalpless sales - Ticket authenticity - User authentication
Right now there is a huge divide in the ticketing industry. People are tired of paying exuberant ticket fees, while having to fear about people scalping tickets. On the other end of things, artists make very little money, so we made it a mission to help find them find a way to make more money.
What I'll do with $5,000
How SmartSeat plans to utilize the $5000 received from 5x5 night: $3000 will go to hiring a ui/ux designer to help us finish our webapp prototype. $1000 will go to inventory for the incentives we plan on using in our Kickstarter campaign. This mainly includes our customized SmartSeat earplugs where they reduce the decibel level to protect your hearing when you attend a concert or festival. $1000 will go to marketing and PR, to help us take that next small step into reaching artists, venues, and blockchain enthusiasts.
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