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About this idea
Luxury Yacht Owners Demand High Fidelity State of The Art Audio In The Cabin Environment. Transducers attached to interior panels and digital processing enables high fidelity, immersive audio. Interior Panels Become The Speakers. utilizing Patented audio processing algorithm that re-masters audio in real time, the custom profile is created specifically for the interior panels providing superior sound quality and clarity.
Key benefits include: Immersive - High Fidelity state of the art audio resulting in a uniform Immersive audio experience throughout the entire cabin. Aesthetic - Customized Interior Theme is maintained without the disruption of installed commodity speakers and speaker grills. Efficient - Package space is improved by the Elimination of Speakers. Appropriate - Lighter materials used resulting in System weight reduction.
What I'll do with $5,000
WE have successfully launched this technology in the private jet market with growing success. We now wish to pursue the luxury yacht market. A local yacht manufacturer has expressed interest in our technology. $5,000 would be utilized to build a prototype digital processor in support of a proof of concept installation in their yacht. We have a manufacturing source that has supported our successful launch of this technology into the private jet market. They would build a prototype digital processor to our specifications which is appropriate for the marine electrical architecture and function. The ultimate goal is to prove the value to the potential customer and showcase our technology at the largest boat show in the world in Fort Lauderdale in October 2022.
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