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About this idea
How many times have you not been able to find an open parking spot on time to attend an important event, meeting, or flight? Well, with Spotter, you will never have to worry about finding parking again. Spotter is a parking solution that helps drivers find open parking spots faster, helps parking ramps get more customers, and improves your parking experience, all while significantly helping the environment. Using data from sensors, the Spotter app allows drivers to see how many parking spots are open in a particular ramp and the location of available parking spots. The first prototype of the Spotter parking solution was created over a year and a half ago, and these sensors are currently being tested in my home garage.
Currently, the way drivers park is inefficient. Proof is in the statistics: 30% of urban congestion in the United States is caused by drivers cruising around, trying to find open parking spots. This amounts to around $73 Billion in wasted time, fuel, and emissions annually, with just under $4 Billion hours wasted every year by drivers trying to find open parking. Spotter has the potential to change how drivers park forever, no longer having to drive in circles inside a parking ramp. Spotter can decrease the time, fuel, and emissions it takes for drivers to find an open parking spot, and significantly decrease traffic in cities. Spotter can also help parking ramps get more customers, by creating a unique parking experience by helping drivers park as efficiently as possible.
What I'll do with $5,000
$5000 would help me hire a developer to improve the user interface and market/implement Spotter in local parking ramps.
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