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About this idea
My Co-Founder Jackson Keefe and I have been deeply invested in connecting with startup communities across the state and understanding their unique challenges and needs. As we engaged with these vibrant communities, one thing became abundantly clear: there was a strong demand for a platform that could provide the essential building blocks for funding success. Startups, investors, and ecosystem players were seeking a solution that would bring them together, fostering collaboration and driving the growth of Michigan's entrepreneurial landscape. That's why we've built Startup Registry as a direct response to these needs. Our platform provides a comprehensive ecosystem where startups can showcase their vision, connect with investors, and gain access to valuable resources. By bridging the gap between startups and funding opportunities, we're creating an environment that nurtures growth, innovation, and success.
There are three parties who benefit the most from us. First the startups. They are the heart and soul of StartupRegistry. Startups can showcase their ideas, attract capital, and accelerate their growth trajectory, ultimately increasing their chances of success and market impact. Secondly is investors. Our platform offers a curated pool of promising startups that align with investors' interests and investment criteria. Investors gain a streamlined and efficient way to discover and evaluate potential investment opportunities. By connecting with high-potential startups through Startup Registry, investors can diversify their portfolio, drive returns, and contribute to the growth of innovative ventures. Third is Accelerators and Incubators. Startup Registry offers a unique opportunity for accelerators and incubators to enhance their support ecosystem. They can gain access to a wealth of data, insights, and metrics to track the progress and impact of their current startup cohorts and alumni network.
What I'll do with $5,000
Right now, our costs are our website fees and traveling across Michigan to engage with startup hubs in Traverse City, Grand Rapids, East Lansing, Detroit, etc. We are currently putting our own money into this but it slowly getting out of hand. the $5k would go towards targeted digital marketing campaigns, social media advertising, and content creation to increase awareness and generate more user sign-ups. We would also be attending more startup events, conferences. Networking opportunities is crucial for building relationships and establishing Startup Registry's presence in the startup community. The investment can cover event registrations, travel expenses, and sponsorship opportunities, allowing us to connect with potential partners, investors, and key stakeholders.
About Shreesha Maddur

I am a student at Michigan State University studying Computer Science and minoring in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. I was the Founder & CEO of TalleyJobs (www.talleyjobs.com). After taking a break, I am now the Co-Founder & CTO of StartupRegistry.

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