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About this idea
There are a lot of industries where processes are required. Whether it is a simple onboarding process for employees or a complex qualification process for customers. StepGuide provides a cloud based platform that enables guides to creating, managing, and administer processes and guidees to have a dream come true experience even working through the most complex processes.
This tool simplifies process development and administration for the guides and it provides a frustration free way to navigate the most complex process for the guidee. In addition, it provides analytics so guides and improve the experiences and optimize their processes. This saves time and money, but more importantly, it enables a frustration free user experience for even the most difficult customers.
What I'll do with $5,000
We just returned from a trade show with adoption professionals. We signed up 9 organizations for alpha testing in their industry. They have already provided a list of enhancements that can be made to the product. This money will be used to develop the features that were requested.
About Jon Eldersveld

I have been a professional and entrepreneur for many years. Most recently I was laid off so I have been working on a software startup.

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