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About this idea
Sugar Al’s Caramel is a homemade stove top caramel that doesn’t use preservatives (therefore shelf life will be shorter than the everyday caramel you have in your home), but you can enjoy the experience of all natural ingredients. While enjoying the pleasure of drizzling Sugar Al’s Caramel on staple items such as ice cream, beverages, fruits, and snacks, this caramel also has the perfect consistency to make frosting for cakes. Sugar Al’s Caramel can top anything!
My mission is to keep my grandmother very own recipe alive! The reason why my company exists is because my grandmother specialized in her own way of making caramel. She then made her living selling caramel cakes. Back then, she was hustling, not having the tools and assets to make it a business, and as her grand daughter I want to keep this legacy alive for her and my family. Since she passed, I made it my obligation for everyone to feel my grandmother presence through her caramel. She was love, peace, and sweet, exactly like her caramel and I want the world to experience that.
What I'll do with $5,000
I will continue to strive to open up my business full time, make this my career, and hire employees. With this grant I would be able to continue to use the funds to purchase my goods for my product, be able to get the right appliances as it is time consuming cooking over the stove top and if I had an industrial type of kitchen or a candy mixer I would be able to increase production and cut back on time. This will also help me comfortably launch a website so that my product is available to everyone within the United States instead of locally. This also would help in the legal aspect of making sure my product meets FDA standards and could really help me invest into getting a nutrition fact label!
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