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About this idea
My name is Tiara Dawson and I am the small business owner of Sugar Coated Sweets, LLC (Berries & Boba) in Muskegon, MI. Sugar Coated Sweets is a brand of chocolate coated and specialty flavored strawberries that completely covers you tongue in sugar. Hence, the name! My main objective is to give my consumers a delightful and love-filled bite at a reasonable cost. And, to wash it all down, a tasty Boba Tea, literally POPPING in flavors. Because we lack the resources for the many things we love, I dream of giving the community an opportunity to experience that of which is not now available! Boba Tea has become a world favorite across many communities but our community lacks this experience! The fulfillment of not only grabbing something tasty to eat and drink, but to actually experience a duo of treats that entices all senses, and can be incredibly mood changing and leaving the want for more!
Sugar Coated Sweets, LLC (Berries & Boba) will not only cure a sweet tooth, but also provide a warm embrace while consuming these decadent treats! By combining Berries & Boba, consumers will also benefit from the components that these treats contain! Tea is packed with antioxidants that can boost your immune system and provide anti- inflammatory properties. Whilst, Boba is easily digestible. Strawberries are not only packed with Vitamin C, but they just simply taste good! Sugar Coated Sweets, LL C (Berries & Boba) is most suitable to the community as this business is completely customizable and attentive to the consumer need and accommodations. By expanding my small business, the impact grows beyond just being the first young Black women to own a strawberry and boba Tea company but also impacting the young boys and girls aspiring to be greater than their surrounding environment. I plan to use my business as a stepping stone for all individuals to learn the aspects of the working class by hiring seasonally. Sugar Coated Sweets, LLC has the desire to meet the demands of the young community by creating a space and opportunity to learn the best practices of customer service, money management and communication skills.
What I'll do with $5,000
Sugar Coated Sweets, LLC (Berries & Boba) will utilize the award money to rebrand( new business cards, online applications) expand (Boba Teas) and finalize start up costs. We will also use the funds to purchase necessary equipment(online purchasing softwares, laptop, ServSafe certifications) to make the business more accessible for all! The money will also be used to host annual events around the community that will allow the consumers to not only indulge in these treats but enjoy the process of making them! Sugar Coated Sweets, LLC will also be utilized to partner with other small owned businesses providing an all- resource effect on the community!
About Tiara Dawson

Hello All! My name is Tiara Dawson, and I am a 28 yo female and proud owner of my black owned small business, Sugar Coated Sweets, LLC ( Berries & Boba)! I am currently the Office Manager of the well known counseling agency, Servicios de Esperanza, LLC (Services of Hope) where we take care of the most vulnerable part of the community! Although I am apart of a wonderful growing team dedicated to taking care of the community mentally, I have my own little way of doing my share with Sugar Coated Sweets, LLC! My business provides a tasty loved- filled bite that completely coats your tongue in sugar. By providing my gourmet strawberries and soon- to- be Boba Teas.. I have not only connected with individuals by way of their tongue but through their hearts.

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