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About this idea
Liberian Native: This spice blend is unique because the star ingredient is peanut butter. There isn't a piece of meat that doesn't taste better with peanut butter. Use it as a rub on beef, lamb, chicken, and fish. Mix into ground beef or turkey when making hamburgers. West African Heat Seasoning: If you want your taste buds awakened, this seasoning is the perfect blend of habanero, chili, and cayenne peppers – with enough heat to make you break a sweat! Far West Seasoning: This zesty all-purpose seasoning pairs great with Dijon mustard as it binds well with fats and acts as an emulsifier. Complimenting flavors from the meat, Far West is a staple for all wet rubs on beef, lamb, chicken, and fish. It is also a great addition to a vinaigrette dressing, aioli sauce, meat marinades, sautéed vegetables, eggs, and seafood. For a great dry rub or marinade, The mix is an all-purpose seasoning that is an excellent choice for additional adobo-inspired flavoring. Monrovia magic is what your spice cabinet has been missing. If you want to take your taste buds to another level, Monrovia magic will be a great selection. Liberian seafood butter is a great silky smooth seafood boil sauce or dipping sauce for assorted seafood, fish and even steak.
The impact that I hope Taste The Culture seasoning line will bring is awareness of West African flavors. Taste The Culture seasonings are not just for West African cuisines, but all cuisines. I have been infused by so many flavors from different cultures, I hope your dishes can be influenced in a flavorful way.
What I'll do with $5,000
I wish to expand my product line into marinades. I will need the $5000 for shelf-life testing for all my products.
About Blessed Wonjah

Hello, my name is Blessed Wonjah and I am a Entrepeneur. I have create Taste The Culture product line which is a West African inspired seasoning line.

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