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About this idea
One thing that Tender Yoni is currently wanting to work on is going into middle schools, high school, and different girl groups and doing presentation on hygiene. We would like to teach young ladies how to have a good hygiene regiment, what products they should use. We would like to provide these ladies with hygiene kits filled with our products that are handmade, homemade, locally made and affordable.
This will impact our youth “girls”. It could give them confidence that they are missing. It will teach them about the unknowns. It’s very important for our youth to have some one who looks like them to look up to and we want to be that for many young girls in our community.
What I'll do with $5,000
This $5000 would be use to buy the product and the material that we need to make hygiene kits for school aged girls. These kits would include several different product such as gel wash, body butters, body scrubs, loofah, and education material. The education material that would be included is information on different good and bad odors that women experience. We would like to have a visual plan of a hygiene regiment that the girls can refer back to. For example our Yoni gels sell for $12. After buying product and material to make the gel it cost us $4.61 to make each bottle. Buying product in bulk would help cut the cost of having to provide the hygiene kits for the students out of our own pocket. We have already reached out to Muskegon middle and Muskegon and would like to present to their seminar classes at least once per quarter. This would include providing kits to at least 15-25 girls each quarter. Each kit would cost roughly $25-$30 depending on the products we decide to use.
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