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About this idea
How cool would it be to have a tutoring service on wheels? There are many resources out there to help students and families, but many times families cannot make it to the resource. Our plan is to cut out the biggest problem and bring the service to families. The goal is to obtain a school bus and renovate it to a classroom on wheels. The service of Tey’s Tutor Time has been successful in its own right, but to add the component of being able to have a safe and quiet place where students can work that comes to them is amazing. Not only will the bus be used as a great classroom, but would do the marketing and let families know who we are every time we hit the streets. This bus would not only house our classroom on wheels, but also have resources such as books as school supplies for those that need it. To give a visual that may help…I want to have a bus like Mrs.Frizzle from The Magic School Bus.
The people that benefit most from this idea are the families we service, as well as the community. Tey’s Tutor Time is based in Muskegon, Mi, so with the added resource of a bus we will be able to meet everyone where they are. Every event that is available families will get the chance to see the people that will end up working with their children. Tutoring is sometimes taboo, so a bus can be the start of a conversation that changes their child’s life. We can also park this bus in easy to access spaces, while being safe. The potential is that each person that sees this bus, or gets on this bus will know that education can happen outside of the classroom and give a cooler presentation on what learning looks like.
What I'll do with $5,000
Funds will be broken down in a variety of areas. The first thing we would do is purchase the bus, which is around 4000. Next, we would remove all of the current parts that the bus comes with because we want to start from scratch; The cost is around 1000. Following that er would need new adaptive furniture and renovations, which would run about 2500. Then, 1000 would be used for marketing and wrapping of the bus. The rest of the funds will be used for supplies (Student academic tracking, student Ipads, classroom supplies, reward items, etc.)
About Teyondra Burch

Hello, I am Teyondra Burch. I am an girlfriend, mother, educator, and most importantly for you all to know, a tutor. I have been caring for children since I was a child myself. I am currently a Teacher for Child Development. I also have my business tutoring children pre-k through 12th grade in literacy and math.

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