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About this idea
SWISSHTECH is developing the first self-replenishing electricity generators that reduce users’ power costs by 30% and require no fuel or external input to sustain continuous clean electricity access on demand. Our solution is 100% electromotively driven, and it uses A-i to regulate the recharge of the system, It has an onboard generator, and it has onboard power storages. The A-i autonomously initiates necessary functions to ensure the system never depletes. It never needs fuel, it never requires recharge downtime. It is scalable to sectoral proportions and is 100% eco-friendly. Our architecture realizes a "Systems and Methods of Self-replenishing Electrical Power and Device", comprised of two modes of operation. The first mode of operation being a power delivery mode, where at least one charge bank comprised of rechargeable batteries couples to a power output port for supplying power to users. When its A-i governance module detects a charge bank level is below a defined threshold it may switch another charge bank into user support and simultaneously initiates the second mode of operation. This second mode is a power charging mode. Wherein, electricity from a charge bank enables a motor to turn an alternator to generate electricity. This produced electrical power is rectified to recharge any depleted charge bank. It expeditiously replenishes respective charge bank depletion to the system's maximum capacity even while supporting user loads. When all charge banks are recharged, the power charging mode is suspended until a low level is again detected, then the cycle recurs. Thereby, a self-replenishing, continuous, supply of power is available to the user.
For over three hundred years thermal energy (Burning) has been the focal point of the energy sectors. to that, 40% of the pollution causing climate change is produced by our energy sectors. Thermal use has produced few improvements and many detriments. Swisshtech brings the introduction of a new and cleanest energy access method, even more so than solar. With it, we intend to the reduction of carbon footprints globally. Our patented Cyclic Derivation Technology introduces an electromotively-driven method of creating mass quantities of electricity with zero ecological or carbon hazard. We are prototyping the Arc-regen, a household-safe generator version for electronic device users. Our concept method also presents to make sectoral energy generation 100% carbon-free. The upgrade will require little modification from the current infrastructure and without reducing production levels. The benefits will be democratized energy access in many underserved regions, improved economies, and greater technological contribution to the well-being of mankind from various regional sources.
What I'll do with $5,000
We are preparing to undertake a series of marketing endeavors to support an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. This campaign is designed to generate purchase orders for the Arc-regen product enabling the liquidity to reach manufacturing on a larger scale. We have gained over 2000% of product-interested followers on Instagram since January 2023 and are soliciting their campaign support and preorders at some expense resulting in indebtedness we hope to offset with this grant funding.
About Oral Gooden

I am a black, Atlanta inventor, and entrepreneur who recently created a new method of producing mass electricity using only electricity. This is done without fossil fuels, nuclear, and solar requirements, also this method requires zero external input and functions continuously and indefinitely. For this I've received a complete US patent for a cleaner way to acquire household electricity than solar with: https://patents.google.com/patent/US11355954B1/en?oq=11355954. I then created a corporation to manufacture this concept prototype for residential electronics users and to support the failing United States power grid system.

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