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About this idea
hompson here. Three years ago, I was able to turn a basement hobby into a gender-neutral experience designed to give anyone a greater sense of identity. But it was born out of my grieving process. You see, thirteen years ago I lost my husband. And part of my grieving process was to physically make things. Whether it was candles, a shower scrub, or a lotion… It was an opportunity to get out of my own mind. In a way, it was a two-fold experience because not only did help me through my grieving process… But it allowed me to put my emotions into an activity that genuinely helped people. A way of giving back.  Often times I would give them away as appreciation gifts to friends, family, sometimes my girls’ teachers, and bus driver (because let's be honest bus drivers don’t get enough credit for keeping our kids safe, right?) But as a single widowed mom with two little girls, I just didn’t have the money to keep buying the resources I needed. So over the last twelve years, I spent countless hours training my mind through education so I could breathe life into the passion that helped me through my grieving process. As of 2020, I earned my associate’s degree, bachelor’s, and master’s in business administration. And with the help of my two daughters who helped create the logo, color design, and decorate the shops… I was able to open up what you now know as The Aroma Labs. What (I hope) was a calm soothing experience where you got the opportunity to create a unique scent that belongs only to you. After all, you were born with a unique smile, laugh, and fingerprint… So why should you walk around smelling like everyone else, right? At least that’s what I think! have the idea of continuing to grow my little basement business into a franchise to offer the experience of self expression all over the United States and beyond.
Mission: Creating a personal interactive experience that builds community and fosters development of other local entrepreneurs/business owners. Strategic Partnership with Michigan Women Forward.
What I'll do with $5,000
The Aroma Labs will use the funds to create a comprehensive franchisee training and marketing plan.
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