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June 17, 2024 11:59 pm

About this idea
My idea is my current business which is an online women's boutique call Then Beat of My Heart Boutique. We offer business casual clothing for the everyday women on the go. You can purchase business attire as well as comfy casual clothing also. I have wanted to open a clothing boutique since I could remember, but being a mom of six I had to make sure my kids were taken care of first before my wants. Now they're older and they pushed me to step out. I was scared of rejection so I kept making excuses like I wanted to get my degree, now I have that, I said I wanted another one. My oldest daughter made my website and I cried when it went live. I thought people would not support me. I want my boutique to be something I can leave my kids after I am gone.
One benefit from my business is to uplift women. I know it is cliché but when you look good you actually do feel good. You move different and you carry yourself differently. I want to provide quality clothing for women that will not break their bank account and most likely they can't get from anywhere else. I offer business casual for the moms and busy women on the go rather then just night clothes showing to much skin, You can be sexy fully dressed and I offer that for many women.
What I'll do with $5,000
I would have my website revamped to make it more inviting to my customers and easier to use. I would get a pos system so when I am at events, I have an easier way to check my customer out. I would also hire a photographer to set up a shoot for my inventory. I would also add plus size clothing to my inventory so that I am not excluding anyone from shopping with The Beat of My Heart Boutique. I would also like to get a tablecloths and tent for my boutique so when I am out at events my logo shows. I would like to say money for future expenses on my business such as filing taxes and or accounting if needed.
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