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About this idea

Hug Techonolgy® is trademarked compression therapy which helps soothe and relax the muscles. This works great for babies which is why the swaddelini has had so much success. Over the years adults, teens and children have requested a larger size for help with anxiety, sensory integration disorder, self-injury disorder, terrets, and a host of other malities. Liz Hilton has been making custom larger versions of the swaddelini for anyone who has made such a request and she has collected the feedback to make the ultimate body sock. Liz is ready to launch this product, all she needs is a bigger machine to accomodate larger sizes. 

The prototypes Liz has made so far have recieved overwhelmingly positive feedback. However she has not been able to make them precisely the way she wants due to a lack of equipment. This product can help a variety of people so Liz has already taken steps to secure a wider machine.
What I'll do with $5,000
The $5000 will go directly to the acquisition of a larger 3D knitting machine so I can create the Body Sock in all sizes. Swaddelini has been giving out custom Body Socks upon requests to people with anxiety and sensory integration disorder (and other disorders) in exchange for feedback. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and over the past couple years, Liz has honed in on how to make the best body sock. The Hug Technology in the baby swaddelini has been discovered to have very positive effects for adults as well. Compression therapy is a safer, more cost effective, and envoronmentally friendly alternative to the wieghted blanket. The product is ready, the market is ready, we just need the equipment! The equipment is $62,000, shipping is $4,000, rigging is $2,000. I am working on getting a loan for the $62,000 from huntington so this money would go toward the freight.
About Liz Hilton

Liz Hilton is a 3D knit designer and programmer. She started her 3D Knit R&D business 7 years ago but everything changed when she had her first son in August of 2015. He wouldn't sleep and prompted Liz to invent a superior baby swaddle to help. Thus Liz became an inventor. After nearly 4 years of investment in the Swaddelini with no return, the Swaddelini went viral on TikTok. Liz has been navigating how to scale her business ever since. Liz hopes to scale KNITit manufacturing for Swaddelini and take on new contract work with local West Michigan companies looking for 3D knit solutions.

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