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About this idea

The Designed Insight App is a complete navigation system that provide students with direction within the college ecosystem. The app accomplishes this by providing college students with just in time solutions to many barriers that they may encounter during their college journey. An example of this would be that a student receives a C on a writing assignment. The Designed Insight App will prompt the student to schedule an appointment with the tutoring center right from the app. Moreover, students will receive a weekly assessment that will help them monitor their mental health.

The Designed Insight App is differentiated from its competitors because it prompts students to act and connects them with the proper resources on their college campus that can provide additional support. 

The problem the Designed Insight App is meant to solve is increase minority student college retention and graduation rates are currently at 40% nationwide, this is 24% lower than their counter parts. One of the strategies that colleges and universities employ to combat unacceptable minority graduation and retention rates is to assign students a college advisor who can help connect them to the appropriate resources. However, the national average is 1 advisor for every 375 students. This student to advisor ratio is too high and unfortunately to many minority students are not being linked to the services that are vital to their academic success. Currently, there are over 2.1 million minority students at over 5000 colleges in America. The impact of the Designed Insight App would potentially help 1.2 million of those students reach their goal of obtaining a college degree. Also, I would initially target 2500 of the 5000 colleges who are all looking for ways to better serve their minority student population.
What I'll do with $5,000
The investment of $5000 will assist me in continuing my relationship with Carnevale, a local software developer to continue the development of a dynamic user interface and learning management system integration, e.g., Blackboard.
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