5×5 Night
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March 18, 2024 11:59 pm

About this idea
The Grand Selfie Studio was created to follow the wave in photos and photography. Now photos are shared expeditiously via phones, but The Grand Selfie Studio provides a different theme only a few feet over. Enjoy the luxury of taking a moment to change outfits to maximize the experience. Add on professional photography services and options to take home prints before you leave. The Grand Selfie Studio is an affordable entertainment only costing $20-$25 per person.
The impact of the The Grand Selfie Studio is to provide reasonable services for photos, entertainment, and content creators. Social media is a space for building brands, content and making personal impacts on others lives and The Grand Selfie Studio will be significant in that process.
What I'll do with $5,000
The $5,000 will be used to buy wall supplies. This will separate sections and give the impression that you are in totally different place.The $5000 will also be used for various paint colors and decor. In some spaces flooring will be needed to go with the themes/colors of the wall.Another portion of the $5,000 will be used for equipment such as ring lights(10-12 battery operated and With phone/iPad attachment. All station will require great lighting with the ability to attach phones. Additional LED lighting throughout the space. A 360 photo booth enclosure will also be purchased to provide privacy for videos without the other guest appearing in the video.
About LaJoy Frierson

I am local photographer in the Muskegon area since 2020. My experience covers family photos, newborn, seniors, headshots, events and so much more! My love for photography, and eagerness to learn more is nonstop. I love what I do

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