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October 19, 2021 12:00 am

About this idea
Women who have hips and heavier bottom halves. Women in West Michigan are frustrated with not being able to find jeans that compliment their body types in our malls. The Jean Boutique plans to Carry at least 5 styling of jeans . We are also working on a store front to allow our customer to be able to try on and feel the material up close.
Being a woman who wears these sizes I know what it feels like to desire jeans that gives me confidence, style, and that compliments my body type. The Jean Boutique will carry five different styles of jeans, Mom jeans, Wide leg jeans , Distress, Non Distress jeans and Skinny jeans. These Jeans are made from comfortable material such as cotton . This jeans will be stocked up to at least 8 in every size. The ability to try on and feel the material up close, These women will save time by not having to spend hours in store or online trying to find jeans for their body type. These women will also save money by only having to purchase so many at a time because the quality of the jeans are long lasting.
What I'll do with $5,000
2,000 will go towards inventory 1,500 will go towards running ads/ advertisement 500 will cover the cost of my storage for the remaining of the year where I will be holding the jeans 1,000 will go into the company account to help with company finances for the remaining of the year!
About keyonna hall

Hello, My name is Keyonna Hall and I am the Owner of The Jean Boutique.

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