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About this idea
The Market Made is dedicated to making your home and workspace a reflection of you and your style through customizable handmade decor, unique home goods, and experiences and products you can accessorize. Currently, I travel across Michigan attending art and craft shows, fairs, and other events to bring the build your own experience to you! We offer build your own terrariums and planters for you to be able to customize any of our products. So, how does that work? Step 1: You pick your vessel, which can be one of our handmade concrete containers, a glass or plastic terrarium, a mini pot magnet, and more! Step 2: You pick your base! We have a variety of rocks and crushed glass in different colors for you to choose from or mix-and-match. Step 3: Add some details! There are many accessory options to choose from such as sea shells, reindeer moss, rainbows, mini mushrooms, AND we rotate these decorations seasonally. Step 4: You pick your air plant! Air plants are rootless plants native to tropical environments. They are the perfect indoor plant because they are easy to take care of, offer little to no mess, and are versatile for your home decor. Once your look is complete, we package it up for you, provide air plant care instructions, and a business card if you have any questions. Build your own terrariums and planters are a great way to bridge the gap between selling handmade products and providing unique experiences to our customers!
The Market Made impacts in a few ways: 1) For our adult customers, our handmade products combined with our build your own experience helps them execute self-expression, gives them an opportunity to shop and be engaged, and they can easily add detail to boring spaces like office desks, refrigerators, and in bathrooms. 2) For the kids and teenagers who experience the build your own section, it brings so much joy for them to be creative, practice self-expression, and air plants are a great starter plant for them too! 3) As a company, The Market Made dedicates 10% of our profits each quarter to local nonprofits to ensure we are serving the local community as well. Build your own terrariums, planters, and our online kits are a fantastic way to shop for the products you want and create the experiences you will cherish.
What I'll do with $5,000
This year, The Market Made will be a vendor at the first-ever Grand Rapids Christkindl Market at the Downtown Market! This is a huge endeavor because I will have to at least quadruple our production and storage capabilities. Additionally, I will be launching some new build your own kits, gift sets, and my mom will be hand-painting ornaments. If I am awarded the $5,000 grant, it will specifically go towards figuring out packaging for the gift sets, ornaments, and build your own kits, product testing, paying the remaining balance of the booth fee, and purchasing more supplies like silicone molds to be able to increase production significantly.
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