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About this idea
Marcel Fable Price, a dynamic force in creativity and community advocacy, leads The RE: GROUP Strategies, a boutique consulting firm revolutionizing the approach to purpose-driven individuals and enterprises alike. With a mission to infuse authenticity and innovation into every project, The RE: GROUP assembles teams of visionary minds to tackle today's challenges head-on. Fable's remarkable journey, marked by accolades as a Community Advocate, Black Bottom Community Builder, and Michigan Humanities Humanitarian of the Year, underscores his commitment to positive change. From founding and leading a successful non-profit to being named 2023 Newsmaker of the Year by the Grand Rapids Business Journal, Fable's impact is undeniable. His extensive experience, spanning national speaking engagements to grassroots community workshops, has touched the lives of thousands, inspiring limitless dreaming and reshaping perspectives across America.
The impact of Marcel Fable Price's work and The RE: GROUP Strategies is multifaceted and profound: 1. Individual Empowerment: Through personalized consulting services, The RE: GROUP empowers individuals to discover their purpose and navigate their personal and professional journeys with authenticity and clarity. By providing direction and support, Fable and his team enable individuals to unlock their full potential and pursue paths aligned with their values and aspirations. 2. Community Transformation: Fable's dedication to community advocacy and development has led to tangible improvements in strategically disinvested in areas. The establishment of a future multicultural arts center in Grand Rapids highlights the transformative power of community-driven initiatives, fostering cultural enrichment, economic growth, and social cohesion in historically marginalized neighborhoods. 3. Organizational Innovation: The RE: GROUP's approach to consulting brings a fresh perspective to enterprises of all sizes, fostering creativity and innovation in problem-solving. By assembling diverse teams of experts, they offer unique solutions tailored to address contemporary challenges, driving organizational growth and resilience in rapidly evolving environments. 4. Inspiration and Education: Fable's extensive speaking engagements and workshops serve as platforms for inspiration, education, and empowerment. By sharing his experiences and insights, he catalyzes positive change, challenges conventional thinking, and inspires individuals to dream without limits. Through these engagements, he ignites a ripple effect of inspiration, motivating others to effect meaningful change in their communities and beyond. Overall, the impact of Fable's work and The RE: GROUP extends far beyond individual clients or projects, contributing to the collective advancement of communities, organizations, and society as a whole.
What I'll do with $5,000
With an infusion of $5,000, The RE: GROUP will bolster its marketing capabilities, leveraging existing resources to amplify outreach efforts. This investment will primarily fund the development of a robust email marketing system, enabling strategic engagement with our extensive network of contacts cultivated over years of dedicated work. Additionally, this financial support will afford crucial time and resources to meticulously craft compelling proposals for prospective clients, laying the foundation for meaningful partnerships and sustainable growth.
About Marcel Price

Marcel Fable Price is a multi-hyphenate, self-directed creative and founder of The RE: GROUP Strategies. The RE: GROUP is a Boutique consulting company that works to bring direction to individuals seeking their purpose, along with authenticity and creativity to enterprises of all sizes by assembling innovative minds to respond to today’s problems. Fable has been publicly awarded for his numerous achievements as a Community Advocate, Grand Rapids Area Black Businesses Black Bottom Community Builder, and as a Michigan Humanities Humanitarian of the year. Fable has been locally recognized as a 40 Under 40 Honoree and the former Poet Laureate of Grand Rapids Michigan. Recently Fable was recognized as the 2023 Newsmaker of the year from the Grand Rapids Business Journal. During his nearly 4 decades on this spinning rock, he has been a widower, and an Executive Director that took the non-profit organization he founded from filing its articles of incorporation (2016) to raising over 6 million dollars in its capital campaign to create a multi-cultural arts center in the most intentionally underinvested in area of Grand Rapids (The 49507). Fable has toured the country multiple times, speaking everywhere from National Conferences with Mental Health America, keynotes at UCLA, and workshops at the University of Michigan. Fable has had the pleasure of connecting with tens of thousands of humans across America by helping them organically shape the way they see the world, and inspire those around him to dream without limits.

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