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About this idea
Our patent-pending design enables you to perform dumbell and kettlebell exercises while having the ability to change the weight, rather than having to purchase individual kettlebells or dumbells. This has the potential to save thousands of dollars! The two-handle feature allows for one-handed and two-handed exercises, as well as the benefit of stability training. The Ropebell is lightweight and easy to store, making it great for home gyms and on the go! Our rope is abrasion-resistant and manufactured in Maine, and all Team Sciath products are made in the USA.
This product is primarily marketed to Home Gym Owners, who would benefit the most from the diverse utility of the ropebell. The number of Home Gym Owners in the United States was already increasing but has dramatically surged since the onset of COVID. Home Gym Owners find it difficult to purchase traditional gym equipment due to the increase in demand while the market is already logistically strained. Our Ropebell offers a solution for the market demand of Home Gym Owners and our product is made with USA manufactured parts (circumventing the difficulties of overseas manufacturing).
What I'll do with $5,000
The first $3,500 will be spent on building inventory, $500 will be allotted to running trial ads marketing to design an effective campaign, and the last $1,000 will be spent on our first ad campaign.
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