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About this idea
My clients has shared stories of their experiences with previous cleaning businesses they have tried, they did not like how the cleaners appeared to be lazy from sitting down so much instead of staying busy. One of my clients had a cleaner use the wrong product on their floor and it messed up the tile making the grout darker instead of lighter. The stories goes on which is how I am able to say some cleaning businesses are not trustworthy and can have their clientele switch to another business, which can be Choice Janitorial LLC. My business service residential and small commercial presently, cleaning is a way to contribute to improving the environment of the public. The clientele for residential are not just made up of people with busy schedules but also with health conditions. My passion for cleaning does not go unnoticed from my clientele and it is a good feeling when you are told since they been getting services they have been feeling better, more motivated to do things, and their health even improve from the germs getting removed out the environment. The commercial clients, the cleaning services of my business can stop outbreaks from happening where every one catching the same thing from being in a contaminated area. I would like my business to continue to grow for I can help as many people as I can.
If I have to compare, I believe the residential clients benefit the most because the space your cleaning is more personal than a commercial building. It change their lives by removing the stress they feel looking at the build up of clutter, and dirt wondering how they let it get this bad. Having the help earlier on to run my business the right way gives Choice Janitorial a chance to tap in the estimated revenue of $468B for cleaning services by 2027.
What I'll do with $5,000
If I am awarded the money I will to help start my softwares that help manage my business for I can get more revenue. It will also be enough to get some of the equipment I need to complete the cleaning tasks my clients request. Along with the softwares, I can possibly come in contact with someone who can help me invest some of the money, might be a small amount but its a start. The quality that my business delivers goes hand in hand with the equipment and supplies I have, which is why using some of the $5,000 will go towards that purchasing.
About Shineka Brooks

I’m a proud mom of a big family. In my spare time I love to bowl, go out on outings (treating myself here and there), family activities and travel. A little about my education, I am a GVSU student/ alumni, two classes shy of my bachelor degree in legal studies. My minor in criminal justice is completed. In my journey of becoming ME starting my own business is a part of it. My small cleaning business is still new to the area but it’s growing more every year.

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