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About this idea
U-Plant Landscape Designs was started in 2019 to create landscape designs for homeowners that want to install the landscape themselves. The landscape industry is limited in offering services that provide the homeowner with all of the necessary resources to create a beautiful landscape themselves. How the service works: I meet with the homeowner on site to evaluate the areas they are looking to landscape, whether it’s a renovation or a new construction. We discuss their ideas and goals for the site; I take photos which are used to create digital designs. Upon the homeowner’s approval of the designs, I create a detailed plant list to shop with and label the designs so they know where to install each plant.
By offering a DIY service, this saves the homeowner potentially thousands of dollars that they would spend hiring a landscape company to create designs and provide installation. A beautiful landscape creates curb appeal which adds to the value of the home. Homeowners can shop for plants at the greenhouse of their choice, while looking for best deals, and allows homeowners to complete the project as time and budget allows, which is a key part of the service. The service allows the homeowner to reach pout at any time with questions, its like having a landscaper on speed dial!
What I'll do with $5,000
With $5,000, I will continue my marketing efforts to assist in scaling my business. Such as: *Booth at the West Michigan Home and Garden Show in Grand Rapids in 2022. This show draws over 12,000 homeowners from all over West Michigan and beyond. *Booth at the West Michigan Womens Expo in Grand Rapids in 2022. *Placement of postcards at greenhouses in West Michigan. *Media marketing in spring of 2022 - Fox News 17 and Wood TV 8
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