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About this idea
When we think about the infrastructure that shapes our cities and towns, we often imagine towering skyscrapers, sprawling highways, and bustling streets. However, there is another type of infrastructure that goes largely unnoticed but plays a vital role in shaping our culture - underground utility infrastructure. From tunnels carrying water and sewage to intricate systems of pipes and cables, these hidden networks form the backbone of modern society. These infrastructures must be reliable, efficient, sustainable and aesthetic for a functioning society. At Ako Fiber LLC, we partner with utility providers and municipalities to perform these necessary maintenance activities. We are a team of experienced digger, drillers with adequate equipment to carry out those tasks. We push or pull cables and pipes underground by creating tunnels and connect houses and buildings to existing large networks.
Ako Fiber LLC’s maintenance of underground utility systems improve the quality of life of residents and businesses. We protect utility assets from natural disasters such as storms, enhance safety by burying gas, electric, internet lines and extend their longevity by renewing outdated conduits. We create and install new networks to accommodate our ever changing housing landscapes and needs. By using trenchless technologies and reducing our footprint, we positively impact the environment.
What I'll do with $5,000
We plan on using the $5,000 to create a website, develop brand promotion plan and purchase marketing gears, signs to identify us at job sites and everywhere we are present.
About Ange Kramo

My name is Ange Kramo. I emigrated from the Ivory Coast in 2008. I am currently a Financial Professional at a Michigan utility company and the owner of Ako Fiber LLC, a utility construction company that provides underground conduits installation (fiber optic, electric, water and gas) via trenching, plowing and horizontal directional boring. I hold a Bachelor in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting and a license in Certified Public Accounting (CPA) and Certified Management Accounting (CMA). I reside in Caledonia with my wife and children where my company is also located.

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