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About this idea
We will offer our consumers cost and time savings, quality ingredients and a low calorie flavoring options in a market where there are none. In addition to being a vegan-friendly and gluten-free option. Inspired by social change consumers want simplistic ingredients without the fillers. The lack of quality extracts, the nonexistence of innovation and dietary restrictions inspired the launch of Vanilla Plus Extract. In 2017 shady flavoring practices were exposed related directly to vanilla extract involving the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the use of animal feces without disclosing this to the consumer. Since then I've been making extracts.
My target market is individual bakers at home, specialty bakeries, chefs and specialty markets. Consumers that use our extracts care about what goes into their bodies and their customers. Vanilla Plus Extract is a revolutionary flavoring experience, a luxury extract. Today's common extracts and vanilla pastes are filled with flavor and color additives such as sugar, water artificial thickening agents and castorium. Castorium is derived from the anal secretions of beavers to mimic vanilla flavor. Although, they deny the use of this today, this should've never been used in our extracts and how would we know, it wasn't disclosed then. Sugar is used to create a sweet smell and to add flavor, if quality ingredients are used and the process wasn't rushed for mass production this wouldn't be and issue. Color additives are used to create the deep brown color we desire this too is a short cut for the same reason sugar is used. Water is used filler to dilute the product for two reasons consumers will use more and buy more inadequate extracts. The paste with their thickening agents and extreme sugar content is is worse than the extract market. I intend to change the norm and mediocrity with my product. The potential is astronomical, since the pandemic people are baking more in their home and are welcoming the social change and healthy lifestyle.
What I'll do with $5,000
Marketing management, tools for making my website functional for sales, creating a social media presence and labeling tools are what we need most at this time.
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