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About this idea
Vetr Health is a new breed of veterinary practice committed to providing accessible, affordable, and stress free veterinary care from the comfort of your home. Vetr offers a membership that includes all the routine services your pet needs for 40% less than your typical veterinary clinic. Additionally, we offer a la carte services that don't require a membership. -At Home Vet Services- Trust us, we know how busy you are. Vetr Health simplifies veterinary care for your pet by offering exams, vaccines, and wellness testing right from your home. Our friendly veterinarians and veterinary technicians will come to you so that your beloved furry friends are always on the same schedule as you. -TeleVet Services- Weird rash? Ate another sock? We know how stressful it can be to care for your pet when something out of the ordinary comes up. Vetr Health offers unlimited access to our televet services so you can chat or video conference with one of our licensed veterinarians for on-demand guidance and care. -In House Lab- Vetr Health owns and operates it's own lab with state of the art equipment, processes, and experienced professional to ensure our pets receive the best possible service. Your pet's sample will be collected from the comfort of your own home during a routine exam or on a separate visit if needed.
Over the last few year, pet ownership has increased tremendously. It has outpaced an already strained veterinary industry. With few vets and a shortage of staff it has gotten more difficult to see a vet for routine care. Additionally, the cost of pet healthcare has been on the rise as well. The US is already spending over $40 Billion a year on routine/wellness care. According to a recent study from University of Tennessee, nearly 1/3 of Americans can't afford veterinary care. With Vetr, pet parents can expect to pay 40% less for routine services. With our at-home and televet services, pet parents can get the care they need from home; no waiting, no car rides, no stress!
What I'll do with $5,000
We currently have our lab operational, as well as the capabilities to provide care in pet owners homes. We would use the money to scale the our operation from 50 beta users to the greater grand rapids area. $3k - Lab consumables (e.g., test tubes, slides, coverslips, pipettes, gloves) $2k - Social media ads and email campaigns after we launch our beta group $3k - Tech infrastructure and advanced features (e.g., web and app hosting, 3rd party api, analytics). $2k - Vaccines, reagents and Veterinary consumables for at home visits.
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