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July 22, 2024 11:59 am

About this idea
No one has what we have. The salsa speaks for itself, the palates in W. Michigan are different than back home in Texas but most people like the freshness and spicy flavor profile we have but together.
The consumer benefits the most from having a salsa that can compete with Meijer brand, Garden Salsa and they have an option from Texas. We have the opportunity to team up with a co packer to take over W, Michigan with our brand.
What I'll do with $5,000
The money will be used to market our brand, tweak our recipe to get to a 30 day shelf life and sign on a co packer to make 1200 units a week for distribution. We are at 21 day shelf life right now with no preservatives. Distribution will be key for us, we have contacted Scott at Dutch Treat Foods for guidance to make changes to our recipe to be ready to ship to additional Meijer stores. We are going to be in 3 Meijer stores by 2 qtr of 2023, God willing of course. Additionally, the money will help us with marketing in different W. Michigan markets. We live in Fremont and would like to be a steady subscriber to Hi-Lites a local free ad paper that is delivered to 20,000 people in this area. We need to network in other area Farmers Markets in the spring too and that takes capital to expand in those areas. We are already participating in Muskegon and Rockford farmers markets and want to add Holland and Spring Lake this summer.
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