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About this idea
We are bringing a burial forest to West Michigan. The natural burial process is simple, ceremonial, and sustainable. It involves burying the body in the forest in an organic material - like a wicker or wooden coffin, or wrapped in cotton or linen. 54% of Americans are interested in natural burial. We are at the forefront of a growing movement.
First, forest burial is significantly more affordable than conventional burial, which has a significant impact on families when a loved one passes away. Second, visiting the resting place of a loved one in a peaceful forest is a beautiful way to celebrate and honor their life. And third, the very act of being buried in a forest preserves and protects the forest and its flora and fauna in perpetuity. Everyone that goes to the forest is interconnected - those that are buried there, those that come for a quiet moment to visit a loved one, families that enjoy the forest on a Sunday afternoon nature walk. Words cannot express how meaningful it is to be part of that profound reality. MI Burial seeks to provide a highly desired service for local families while simultaneously conserving a piece of Michigan forest that can never be developed.
What I'll do with $5,000
$5,000 will go towards social media and billboard marketing to reach a larger audience (we all know about Simply Cremation from billboards, so we feel this is a great avenue for promoting the burial forest!). Depending on the cost of billboards available at the time, we may use funds to hire a content creator to run our social media and help us to gain a following as we continue to work to find land to purchase (we are ready to purchase the right property).
About Annica Quakenbush

I am a birth photographer/doula, boutique care product designer, and earthy baby apparel retailer. Current venture: starting a natural burial forest and preserve in West Michigan.

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