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About this idea
Cooking for Comfort is a new food tent that started this year in the greater Grand Rapids area. While our business is new, we have many big ideas for growing the connection to mental health support. We hope to do this in a few different ways: 1) Share mental health resources at our food events, 2) donate to local organizations that support our mission and vision, 3) partner with local organizations and passionate individuals to bring people together for specific comfort and awareness events and 4) promote mental health awareness and support through our social media channels.
Everyone is impacted by mental health. Mental health does not discriminate. By talking about mental health more, we are breaking the stigma. If mental health was as common as getting a bite to eat, people wouldn't be as scared to reach out for support.
What I'll do with $5,000
We would use $5,000 to continue investing in our business. In order to fulfill our dreams of creating a supportive mental health community, we need to begin formalizing our business with equipment such as a trailer to eliminate extra expenses in order to turn a profit. We hope to create a trailer that links people to resources directly whether through a QR code or with a list of local resources in our community. The trailer is what we use to haul equipment to events, so the promotion of our business, cause and linked resources would be a good way to market local resources, our mission and start the conversation about mental health.
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