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About this idea
We create an anonymous Wikipedia of hiring. A stable platform of relatively credible, highly adaptable industry specific hiring insights that help applicants inform their training with the help of other applicants who think and work in their same field. It’s crowdsourcing the industry specific hiring information that has gone missing, stabilizing it for all future generations, and improving insight into how disadvantaged groups approach hiring and therefore what are new ways to acquire them. It's a market innovation that is a first in the modern industry and creates enormous potential for creating consulting databases that could be used as a market research for talent acquisition agencies or new firms as well as auditing for existing hiring at established companies who have outsourced. In addition it stabilizes a market that has gotten way out of wack with 27 million people hidden from hiring in 2021 and growing as well as 1 trillion lost in the US per month due to unfilled roles. It creates an opportunity to rip down the barrier in modern talent acquisition that has arisen by creating a job board that is more adaptable to all the needs of each stakeholder. Adaptable to the efficiency innovations of modern hiring but more adaptable to region, industry and demographic specific hiring needs of different applicants.
Harvard Business School tracked 27 million people and growing being hidden from talent acquisition by standard hiring practices. A number expected to grow with each new economic downturn. In addition Yahoo News reported the cost of this as 1 trillion lost a month during 2023 due to unfilled roles. This innovation, this professional anonymous gossip network where applicants could create industry and region specific job aids to help their fellow applicants pass a hiring process would stabilize the talent acquisition market, be transformative for any of the long term unemployed AND create better profits for everyone.
What I'll do with $5,000
I will use it to fully bring in YE Stack to start custom coding the backend of the Wikipedia esq page. Right now I am operating with wordpress as a backdrop (having moved already from the original Squarespace I designed.). I brought on YE Stack as a subcontractor to work the backend by ironing out bugs and improving the user interface and experience . With 5000 I would bring on a further programmer from YE Stack to start building a custom coded backend that is more stable than Wordpress and scalable to our overall vision. The blog/informational side of our website can likely always stay on Wordpress, and the beginning of improved user interactions can too which will drive engagement BUT we need to start putting in place the pieces that make the data level I'm hoping to need available.
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