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June 17, 2024 11:59 pm

About this idea
Yak is one of the only decentralized autonomous organizations in the world to successfully acquire land. Yak is also one of the only blockchain projects to successfully combine a traditional business model with a blockchain based fundraising path. How it works is we reverse engineered the financial modeling of leading recreational property focused private equity funds to produce a tokenomics model that could scale to millions of retails investors. As the properties produce revenues, a percentage (normally issued as a return to LP's) is utilized to create a buyback of the token. This creates a deflationary model, less supply available on open market, which drives the returns up through the token value on retail exchanges. You avoid the securities issue, because you are not providing a direct APR, rather you're simply using a sustainable revenue model to buy down supply resulting in an expected increase in value of the digital assets.
Today, less than 2% of the population owns 95% of private land. Land is historically one of the most stable investments someone can make. However, outside of home ownership there are very few people who can invest in land and develop it. Our resorts will be eco friendly resorts, so minimal development and impact to the land itself. Yak opens an opportunity for millions of retail investors around the world to gain access to the returns from amazing properties that they otherwise could never invest in.
What I'll do with $5,000
We are in the middle of a token raise and we need to spend on marketing to get our message out there. We will use any funding to help promote our concept to wider audience. We actually already filled our seed round of the token raise in a week and the interesting thing is over 20% of our first investment dollars have come from non-crypto users. This means we also need to invest in support and tools to educate people on how our platform works. We will use the funding to specifically grow awareness of our project and expand our followers.
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