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About this idea
On the Yama website, a talented, passionate, and experienced individual can sign up through the “Become a Guide” form. They will go through a very simple background check to ensure the safety of consumers. After your submission has been reviewed and accepted by the Yama team, you can go to the “Create and Experience” form. The form will ask for the details of the experience, like what to bring, what will be supplied, difficulty of the experience, exactly what will be done, an “about the guide” section, insurance (if need be), or any other certificates that are required of the experience. Once your experience has been checked, it will show up on the Yama website, yamaexperiences.com, for consumers to browse, search, and filter for discovery. We make money every time a customer books an experience. While the Yama Guide takes 80%, we take the industry standard commission: 20% of the total transaction price. Yama is the middleman, we ourselves do not host the experiences listed on our website nor do we attend them. It is just the customer(s) and the experience guide(s) that are participating. The Yama Guides are self-employed and make their own hours and experiences. The customer can get a refund if something goes wrong on the experience and we review that on a case- by-case basis.
Yama’s most valued goal is to help people expand their horizons. We want people who otherwise could not experience certain avenues, regardless of their social, financial, or inconvenience barriers, to experience life. Yama is here for people to discover newfound passions. We hope to expand and offer a wider variety of experiences so that our customers have more opportunities to find something they love. On the other side of the same coin, to love your work is one of the greatest privileges of life. Yama provides this opportunity for people who are passionate about something. If you are skilled or an expert in a craft, art, activity, or industry, you can make money by providing an experience and thrive while doing it.
What I'll do with $5,000
Fortunately, we have already done much of the heavy lifting: customer discovery, market research, financial projections, branding guidelines, style, and ethos. We are also in the process of creating and finalizing a marketing plan and advertisement campaign. Furthermore, we have already created a beautiful and operational website, yamaexperiences.com. Check it out! The $5,000 has a clear purpose for our company due to the extensive research we have done. We will be using the money for an advertising campaign through various social medias, specifically, Facebook (Instagram), Google (Youtube), Reddit, Twitter, etc. The campaign will not be focused on the allocation of guides, as we will already hand-picked 10 guides to start and test for the launch, but rather the consumers of the Salt Lake City area, where Yama will be launching. Because of our research, we have been able to identify our consumer even more specifically: location (and where they’re coming from and going to), average age, and where their money (and how much of it) goes in the leisurely activity industry in Utah.
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