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About this idea
Your Therapeutic Journey Apparel was created to further the mental health message. The tees and buttons have catchy and unique sayings on them to spark conversation. This brand was launched in Feb 2021. The designs, print and fulfillment are all done here in Grand Rapids, MI.HT
Every person who wears a tee/button becomes a walking billboard. Each tee/button has the potential to break mental health stigma, by normalizing the topics included on each design. These designs have made it across the states, with anticipation and potential to become a global brand.
What I'll do with $5,000
The $5,000 will be used to: 1. Expand the messaging to include designs in Spanish. 2. Photography/Videography 3. Website expansion to include(mental health resources and to highlight the therapeutic stories listed for those desiring help.) 4.
About Rebecca Spann

Hello, I'm Rebecca, and I have a passion for making sure historically underrepresented communities have access to mental health care and de-stigmatizing mental health.

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