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About this idea
As an established kombucha business, we want to broaden our offerings while being lean. We have curated two sustainable products: A Kombucha Toner and a Scoby Facemask. Both of these products contain raw, fermented kombucha, and contain many benefits from living probiotics, healthy acids, and green tea. The kombucha toner is derived from kombucha vinegar, using kombucha that has gone past the shelf life yet is still perfectly fine and even more healthy topically. The Scoby Facemask is created from the cultures that turn sweet tea into kombucha- the effervescent drink. After each batch completes, a new Scoby grows from the mother. This new pellicle is packed with probiotics, vitamins, and several acids that have healing properties, and leave the skin irresistibly smooth.
This product leaves people feeling confident, with a glowing skin. Additionally, this product uses zero waste so people can feel good about using an all natural, sustainable product that also produces zero waste.
What I'll do with $5,000
We will expand our production in current offerings, and also use some to explore other kombucha derived beauty products, like a mask or longevity skin cream. Doing this will also provide synergies with our kombucha business, allowing each piece to be intertwined which will provide valuable insight to both businesses.
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